New LIVE CD Coming in November!

Hey all, I have a new LIVE CD that will be ready to release just after Thanksgiving, that is inspired by Pittsburgh's own late, great Maxine Sullivan (jazz singer & innovator who influenced Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald and more)!  This album features musicians Mark Strickland (guitar), Lou Stellute (saxophone), conga drummer & percussionist George Jones, and a special appearance by rhythm guitarist Roy Ruzika too.  

I miss seeing everyone at live performances and wish you love and joy and health until I see you again!

The new Live CD is called "I Wish You Love - The Pint-Sized Songstress Returns"  . .   Maxine Sullivan's nickname was the "pint-sized songstress" at 4'11" and 85 pounds fully grown :) . . . 

More news on the release coming soon.  Until then, I Wish You Love . .   

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